Maze Generator Minecraft Bedrock


This add-on lets you generate mazes within the sport nevertheless you need. It will be in any format you need and design the partitions in any manner that pleases you. 

How to acquire:

There are two methods get hold of the maze generator merchandise.

– Look it up within the inventive menu

– You can sort the command “/give @s maze:generator_spawn_egg”

How to make use of the addon:

• Setup your format. The flooring have to be made out of quartz. The objective of that is to inform the algorithm the place are the boundaries of your format. It doesn’t matter if you happen to put partitions, the add-on will solely generate the maze wherever the quartz flooring is.

• You can put it as much as 3 blocks beneath the floor and it’ll mechanically carve out the partitions for you. It doesn’t matter the design of your partitions or how excessive is it. For this one, I used glass as a high layer and it labored with none points.

• If you’re questioning what would occur if you happen to didn’t place the maze generator in quartz block, properly, nothing goes to occur.

• But if you happen to changed that block with quartz, it can work once more. And because it detects your complete flooring to be made out of quartz, it can proceed producing the maze till all the accessible area is crammed.

Note: It is completely as much as you on the place you’d need to put the place to begin and the end level. The maze is all the time going to be solvable it doesn’t matter what. It generates lots of lifeless ends (which is what you’d need in a maze) and there may be all the time going to be one answer to go from level A to level B.

Here is an attention-grabbing form that I made. The partitions have a top of three blocks made out of purpur pillars and sealantern and naturally, the bottom layer, the ground is quartz. It is just not the very best and I’m certain you are able to do higher creations than this.

If you will have any questions or recommendations, you may dm me at my discord withnout#8935 or on my Twitter @withnout



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