NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on (1.16+)


NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on provides 16 mutants together with minions and an easter egg in Minecraft Bedrock with unbelievable powers.. If you’re on the lookout for an add-on to extend the sport problem just a few notches then it is a nice possibility. This implies that the world shall be much more troublesome as every mutant is far stronger than their predecessors. Neither of the mutants will get affected by fall harm or knockbacks.

Mutant Creatures

Mutant Zombie & Husk: This is principally a beefed up model of the bizarre zombie. With 150 Health, they cant be stopped nevertheless, when knocked down, it can rise and get stronger. They are capable of summon minions that final for round 20 seconds. Using flint and metal when knocked down can will be capable to defeat these Mutants

Mutant Creeper: They have 4 legs and a crooked neck which make them look extra just like a spider and in consequence a little bit bit scarier. With 120 Health They trigger a lot larger explosions and won’t get harm from any creeper explosions! There is an opportunity they will heal, however as soon as it’s defeated at low well being, run away! Previously creepers had been afraid of ocelots however as a mutant, they take their revenge. 

Mutant Stray & Skeleton: With 160 Health, each turned the grasp of archers as they now fireplace arrows on the identical time and they’re going to gamers and wolves. They each have 2 levels. Once they’re knocked down, they may get again up and shoot arrows however this time with tnt! Trying to knock them once more will explode into items of bones.

Mutant Wither Skeleton: This kind of a Wither Skeleton has by no means seemed extra scary. With 160 Health, they’re extra harmful the Mutant Skeleton and Stray they usually stroll on lava. As it will get knocked down, it can simply make it worse

Mutant Piglin & Piglin Brute: With 150 Health, this piglin is simply impartial thats if a participant wears any gold. Giving them Gold or a Block of Gold will give them in return one thing extra then earlier than. Unlike Piglin Brute, it can assault immediately!

Mutant Zombie Piglin & Pigman: With 150 Health, its one of many impartial mutants that solely assaults if its being attacked. Its capable of stroll on lava and summon minions which are a lot stronger which final round 20 seconds. With it’s golden sword, it can deal allot of injury. Using flint and metal can have no impact. Yet.. This Pigman is among the survivors within the Nether Update

Mutant Snow Golem: With 80 Health, This is a stronger model of Snow Golem. Like leaving a path of snow, this one will flip water into ice! Any monster is spots will throw ice blocks! Taming will probably be all the time with you and gamers will be capable to trip it! Also use Shears to take away the pumpkin.

Mutant Wolf: This mutated wolf is barely bigger than earlier than and in addition stronger. With 80 Health, any animals it sees will go assault! Once its tamed, its well being will rise as much as 130 and gamers will be capable to trip it equally to using a horse and may bounce whereas using. Why not dye the fur as a substitute of collars. 

Mutant Skeleton Wolf: With 80 well being, this skeleton wolf is barely completely different than Mutant Wolf, it largely lives within the nether and hostile to any gamers or wolves it spots! Capturing this “Hell Dog” isn’t a simple activity, but when so there’s a very uncommon likelihood to tame it!

 Mutant Spider Pig: With solely 50 Health this spider pig is mutated from a spider and a pig collectively!. Once its obtained eyes heading in the right direction, at a detailed rage, it can begin utilizing spider webs to ensure there isn’t any escape! Any pigs or spiders it sees will mutate them into Spider Pigs!

Mutant Drowned: With 150 Health, its one of many energy full mutants within the deep seas, lurking underwater. It swims extraordinarily quick within the deep sea, It will summon minions that will have a trident round 20 seconds. With its huge trident, it can deal of injury for melee and vary mode. 

Mutant Enderman: The strongest mutant ever created! With 200 well being, this beast isn’t like a kind of endermans. Instead it is ready to create and switch right into a clone complicated their goal! With the facility of the roar, it can trigger a participant to get weakened and may cease the rain! Like a traditional enderman taking a look at it can assault besides utilizing a carved pumpkin won’t do something!

Chemical X!

This kind of a potion is the reason for making mobs to mutants! There is a 50-50 likelihood that it’s going to mutate!

It can be crafted or brewed with these steps! Water bottle or Splash of Water Bottle will work to craft Chemical X  

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